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As many of our "puppy families" know Artie and I cared for our "kids" side by side and hand in hand...When we would birth a litter, always in our bedroom, I would clean the baby then hand it to Artie for drying and to get the breathing going nice and deep.

I have very sad news to share with our friends and puppy families - My sweet Artie passed away Nov 21, 2016 from lung cancer. He will be missed by all who knew him and of course his four legged family...

Thank you for your kind thoughts and warm wishes. I will continue Artistry Pups with Artie always by my side and holding my hand.

Elaine Brower

Warning! Scam Alert

When you speak to a breeder and ask to see a picture of the puppy you have inquired about - ask the breeder to put your name on a piece of paper with todays date and place this paper by the puppy in the picture - this will allow you to know this puppy exists and is available for you .. Unfortunately I have spoken to many people that have sent a "non-refundable" deposit on a puppy they never got....I hope this name and date in the picture of the puppy helps you in your search for the perfect new family member. - Elaine

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