About the Breeder


Elaine Brower is a lifelong Fort Myers, Florida native and breeder of such dog breeds as: Maltipoo, Yorkipoo, Havapoo and more!

As a child in the ’60’s Elaine went door to door in her neighborhood and washed dogs with dish soap and a water hose for a quarter -upon getting her drivers license at 16 Elaine got her first job cleaning the kennels at a local animal hospital – as time went on Elaine advanced to assisting the doctor in exams and surgery. From that early time the evolution continued grooming pets – breeding and handling show dogs and owning grooming salons and boarding/ handling kennels…….

Now as time has past Elaine and her husband of 43 years, Artie, are home doing what they LOVE – selectively breeding the best pets by blending their beautiful Maltese and Toy Poodle to produce the wonderful MALTI-POO.

The Malti-Poo is a loyal – smart – sound – non shedding – playful lap dog the becomes a member of your family in a matter of minutes.

Elaine and Artie go beyond the requirements of the Florida Pet Lemon Law that offers a 1 year genetic health guarantee to give you a written 3 year guarantee against life threating genetic defects like Portal Liver Shut and Progressive Retinal Degeneration.

Call Elaine to come by the house and meet the mom’s – dad’s and “kids”. You NEED to ask questions and do your research before falling in love with the big brown eyes and wet noses. Take the time to look at the mom and dad – are they well built and meet the standard set forth for their respective breed? Is the environment where the pups are raised and socialized clean and free of pests? Are ALL the family members fed a high quality diet to meet their nutritional needs? Are you invited to call the breeders vet for a reference and report as to the care given?

We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have Elaine & Artie 239-292-1906