Bichon-Poo, Poochon, Bich-Poo or Bichpoo: Bichon Frisé , Poodle Hybrids

The Bichon -Poo is a pairing of a pure bred Poodle ( Toy or Miniature ) to a pure bred Bichon Frise. Pairing two adults that are good representatives of their breed will produce a remarkable pet that is full of energy – smart – very loyal – willing to please and has a high level of trainability….

This blended breed MUST be kept challenged by toys – long walks – social interaction & training such as agility… They are always ready to try something new…

Loretta UPDATE : ***Found her new home!!***

Loretta has had her 3 families and was a wonderful mom. Now it is time to find her the perfect home. Loretta attaches herself to ONE person and that is her world. She is not nice to anyone that she feels will try to come between her and her “person”. Loretta will need someone that KNOWS how to manage a possessive canine.
Call Elaine if you think you are the right one to give Loretta her forever loving home.
She is in season now – NOT BEING BRED – and will be spayed before leaving our home.
Call Elaine 239-292-1906


Emergency Listing UPDATE!! ***FOUND HER NEW HOME***

This is Bella the Bichon-Poo. Bella was born 8-7-14 and was transferred to her new home on 11-17-14. She was purchased for a young man who wanted a dog and promised he was going to take care of her, walk her, feed her and share his life with her… But things did not go as planned. Her human brother lost interest and I chose to have her come home to “Granny” while she look for a new forever family.
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