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17May 2016

HI Elaine, Sorry it’s taken me so long to write you and update you on Juno. She is doing great and such a joy to all of us. The whole family has fallen in love with her. We had to put down our older dog a few months ago and so happy we got another […]

19Jan 2016

Elaine and Artie, We thought you might enjoy seeing what has been going on at our home this evening. As you can see Patty Girl and Bibi are bonding so fast! Patty Girl is also getting along with all our cats! We have been laughing our sides off with all of the antics, and we […]

04Jun 2015

Hi Elaine, Just a little update on Izzy. She has made our household complete after losing Lucy! She makes us laugh constantly and Oliver finally accepted her being here 2 days ago and had a spurt where they played for a whole 2 minutes before they both tired out. I wish I had taken a […]