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Malti-Poo puppies now available

Maltipoos, are a miniature breed of dog that any pet owner would love to own. Maltipoos are also known as maltapoos, maltepoos, malti-doodle, and my personal favorite, the moodle.

Our wonderful male and female Maltipoo puppies were recently born to healthy, beautiful and well-bred parents. Mom is a Toy Poodle (phantom color), while dad is a Maltese (white with black points). Both parents are well built with level top lines and good rears.

The Maltipoo is a non-shedding, happy blending of the poodle and maltese breeds that typically grow to around 14 inches tall and can weigh from 5-15 lbs. They are intelligent, entertaining, energetic, easy to train and very willing to please you. And let’s not forget the cute and cuddly part… because they are very cute and cuddly… and gentle, extremely loving with great temperaments, too!

Since Maltipoos are a small breed, they will do well in an apartment or condo, as long as they have plenty of play time to exercise their bodies as well as their minds. Being as they are very adaptable, they will easily fit into almost any family environment and are wonderful companion dogs for children and other pets. In fact, Maltipoos are very people oriented and want to be with you all the time.

All of our pups follow a medical and preventive protocol by Dr. Doug Piper of Veranda Pet Hospital, Ft. Myers, FL: General Worming is done at 3 weeks of age and again at 6 weeks of age. Dr. Piper inspects fecal samples from 3 weeks of age. Again at 8 weeks they go to Dr. Piper for fecal and physical check-up / D-H-L-P-P Vaccination and Issue of Florida Health Certificate. 24 hours later they can go travel to their new family.

Maltipoos are a very healthy breed - benefiting from gene mixing and avoiding many of the hereditary health problems Maltese and Poodle purebreds occasionally exhibit - such as luxating patella and white shaker dog syndrome.

Champion Breeding

Elaine Brower has been breeding and showing dogs for 40 years and has a great reputation for her care and quality of her puppies.
With excellent and ethical standards for soundness of temperament and structure, Elaine began the selective process for the combination of Maltese and Toy Poodles in 2004. The delightful Maltipoo blend has brought love and joy to new owners ever since.
"All our Maltipoos are First-Generation puppies," says Elaine. "Breeding Maltipoo to Maltipoo would dilute the lineage and defeat the purpose." After years of perfecting the ice-white silky-coated Maltese and the jet-black or dark-chocolate curly-coated Toy Poodle, the result is healthy, happy parents blended together by design to create extraordinary puppies!
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