Petey the Poodle

Petey is spending time with his favorite girls in 2016-17!



Patty joined motherhood with a Christmas 2015 family! Patty is the smallest of our girls at 5.3 very active pounds. Patty has had her comprehensive physical by Dr. Piper and passed all requirements to be in the Artistry Program.


Lacey **RETIRED**

Of course this is “Princess” Lacey. Lacey and Petey delivered their first litter together the 3rd week of March 2015. This was Lacey’s first adventure into motherhood and she had Elaine & Artie at her side every minute.


Gracie & Faith

Lacey has retired and left to live out her pampered life in Cape Coral BUT she endowed us with two beautiful girls to fill her paws:
GRACIE and FAITH  they will be seeing Dr. Piper of Verandah Pet Hospital for genetic screening including Bile Acid Test for liver and rule out patella problems before they enter the breeding program later in 2017



Our wonderful Mika the Havanese!



WAWA Shih-Tzu – has been spayed and retired to her loving home and walks 2 miles a day with her people…We love to hear back about how well our girls have settled into their new lives and families.



Mindy ***RETIRED***

The lovable Mindy has mothered her final family here at Artistry Pups. Her babies have gone on to make so many families happy and whole.
Mindy will be moving on to her new home, with a new loving family in Bonita Springs and bringing yet more happiness to her new family.