Hi Elaine,

Just a little update on Izzy. She has made our household complete after losing Lucy! She makes us laugh constantly and Oliver finally accepted her being here 2 days ago and had a spurt where they played for a whole 2 minutes before they both tired out. I wish I had taken a video because she kept jumping on his back when he was laying down like a baby goat! We had company at the time and everyone laughed non stop.

It’s been 7 nights and she hasn’t had one mistake in her crate! I get up once at 2:00 or 3:00 AM to take her out but she is holding it 4 hours at a time overnight. I didn’t realize she would make it that long!

I have her on a schedule during the day where I take her outside every 2 hours. That is working out well as she hasn’t had any mistakes in the house. She’s so cute after I take her out to potty because she does her business and then turns around and looks up at me and holds her paw up as if to say, “I’m done now so pick me up!”

My neighbor gave me a stroller and I use it to take her with me on my morning walks with Oliver. The first morning she hated it. Now she doesn’t make a peep. As a matter of fact, she doesn’t make a peep at all unless Oliver barks at something. She never makes a sound when I put her in her crate except at 6:30 AM I hear one little bark as if to say enough already, let’s eat!

She retrieves her toys when I toss them so when my neighbors ask me her breed I tell them she’s a “Maltipoo Retriever.”

I could go on and on but you’ve heard it all I’m sure! I hope you are doing ok and your knee it healing nicely. We hope Artie is doing well too. Please tell him hi.

Take care,

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